How tiny is that?

I did some practising with my narrow hem foot today; first time I’ve used it.  How neat is this?  I think I’m in love!!  I’m feeling pretty chuffed: a 2mm hem!! Truly!!

tiny hemIt’s been quite handy today as I worked on more Xmas dresses.  I’ve now finished numbers 3 & 4.

No 5 still to go; photos to follow

The Elephants are up to Mischief Again!

When I’m not sewing I do enjoy visits from my grand children.  But sometimes they leave things being after their visits; I’m sure this happens with other grand parents as well!

Recently one of my grand daughters left behind her precious ring.  It was left under a chair after she left.

The sparkly elephant found it and thought it looked really good on his trunk, nice to add some colour to his other sparkles, he thought.  sparkly elephant

lost ring





But the other elephants liked the ring as well and wanted to wear it too.

naughty elephants

They started to argue about it.  And luckily kindly Buddha stepped in and said to the naughty elephants “this is not your ring but belongs to Ali, I shall look after it until she returns to claim it.”

kindly buddha