Special Time: Family Time

The past two weekends have been special because both of them have centred on family events.  We had a special birthday last weekend which resulted in the coming together of all my brothers and sister for the first time in over 5 years.  We gathered together on the NSW Central Coast with us coming from all over the country and the world.  These times, as is obvious, are too infrequent and were especially important to my mother; even more so that the birthday boy!

This weekend we celebrated the baptism of one of our newer members of the family!  This also resulted in our family coming together for the day.  I so enjoy seeing my grandchildren excited about being together and revelling in each other’s company and I especially love having my children together.

I delivered the long-awaited quilt to my oldest grandson this morning, a little late but now he joins his twin sister with his own Nanny-made quilt, made especially for him.  I do hope he enjoys it!  Maybe that is why it is so wet and cold here today – give him a reason to snuggle up in it!!!  What do you think?  Pretty neat I reckon

Shaun's quilt

And the 2nd of the 3 little girls got her reversible dress and romper today as well!  I’m happy with the result and the 1st of them wore her dress this morning; enjoying it which is very satisfying as any sewer would appreciate.  So now that the celebrations are over this weekend, I’m back to the machine to get the 3rd of this set done.  Besides it is too wet and cold to do much else!


Don’t You Just Love It?

The first of the granddaughter dresses is finished!! Feeling very pleased as it worked out beautifully.  This is my first reversible dress and my first effort at shirring: both worked out very well.  Onto the next one 🙂

The Eva Dress is a PDF pattern for a reversible dress that I bought from Angel Lea Designs – www.angelleadesigns.com.  My first experience with a PDF pattern; I’m a bit old-school and tend to use the store bought tissue patterns.  I found the instructions excellent with great photos to follow.  It’s for size range 6 months to 6 years and I made the size 5.  I followed the pattern exactly except for the shirring on the pockets; I gave it a 3rd row for extra strength.  A really nice pattern that I will use again.  By following exactly and pressing religiously it all came together very well.


The fabric I bought from Kelani Fabrics – www.kelanifabric.com.au – the first side in Alexander Henry’s Lupe Multi and the second side in Alexander Henry’s Vivienne Stripe Blush.  Both cotton, the fabrics handled really well and pressed up nicely.

Unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice; the pockets are really cute but hard to see in the photo but I am just thrilled with the results.  I just need to tie the shoulder straps a little better!


Return of the Sewing Room

After a long absence and following the departure of some long term house guests, this weekend with some spousal support I shall be setting up my sewing room. At last I will have a dedicated space that’s bigger than a corner in the bedroom.

Old Sewing Corner

This comes just in time as some beautiful fabrics have arrived in the post. With Xmas and the warmer months on our doorstep, it’s time to do little dresses for my small granddaughters. I’ve found some wonderful PDF patterns for reversible dresses that I’m sure they will love.

So hopefully tomorrow I’ll have made some progress and maybe have a photo to share.