I’m Hazel’s granddaughter, Denise, I live in Canberra and I love to sew.  I also enjoy the escape of a good book, going to the movies with my husband and spoiling my children and grandchildren.

Hazel patiently taught me to sew when I was a child.  She could turn a pair of men’s trousers into children’s coveralls using her keen eye and trusty Singer treadle.  Her embroidery skills were magnificent and her creations are loved treasures today.

Life has been very busy over the past few years and recently I have had cause for pause.  Memories of Hazel have caused me to think on the legacy I am leaving my grandchildren.  What am I contributing to my family and community that will be of benefit to my grandchildren and their grandchildren?

So this blog will chronicle my own simple adventures as well as challenge the legacy bequeathed to my grandchildren; let’s see if I can remember what Hazel taught me.

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